El entrenador de California de más de dos metros de altura que rompió el Internet

Los gays en Internet han encontrado  una nueva obsesión.

Danny Jones, un instructor de fitness de California, ha tomado por asalto las redes sociales con la tormenta que provocaron sus fotos Twitter.

Él mide más de 2 metros, y la gente – incluyendo nosotros – no podemos dejar de verlo.

Honestamente, es demasiado temprano para tener esta sed, pero no nos importa.

Are you getting out of your comfort zone? . Are you pushing yourself to a point that feels unpleasant? . Are you repeatedly putting yourself in situations that challenge you and force you to overcome them? . Well, you should be. . I've realized that bodybuilding is a lot like life. If you want to grow, you are required to experience discomfort. The more discomfort, the more you grow. Resistance=Growth. . The moment we get comfortable and stop providing that resistance, we stop growing. . Imagine how amazing and well-rounded of a person you could become if you got out of your comfort zone once a day and did something that used to be "off limits" to you. . Inside and outside of the gym, I challenge you to do things that are difficult and to create a personal environment where nothing is off limits. . If you've made it this far in the caption, comment what you're going to do this week that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe commenting something personal on my post is something you wouldn't normally do… great, you've already got a head start! . Let's get better together! .

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